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Mine Design compliant power unit from Custom Fluidpower

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Custom Fluid Power  has designed and manufactured a Mine Design Guideline compliant power unit to operate the brakes on a man riding mine winder.

This power unit has been built to comply with all aspects of the Mine Design Guideline regulations and will be installed and commissioned at a mine early next year.

The mine winder power unit’s features include:

• All manifold type valves to minimise pipe work and leak points
• The main directional control valves, which were manufactured by sun are poppet type and incorporate LVDTs (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) to constantly monitor the poppet position and alarm the PLC if any unplanned operation or if a poppet sticks
• An integral hand pump is provided to manually release the calipers for maintenance purposes. This is done by first turning a ball valve to select the pair of calipers to be released. The calipers are split into pairs so only every 2 can be release at one time. To avoid the possibility of all ball valves being turned at once which could result in all the calipers being released together fortress locks have been fitted to the ball valves
• High and low oil alarms are fitted
• An offline filter to polish the oil which has an electric indicator
• A tank heater to maintain a minimum oil temperature
• Duplex filter with electric indication
• Dual piston pumps
• Digital pressure switches and transducers plus gauges to monitor working pressures in all parts of the circuit
• Stainless steel enclosure with integral drip tray to contain any oil leaks
• An automatic fluorescent light inside the cabinet
• All circuits laminated and under a polycarbonate sheet behind the doors
• An integral filter for filling
• Integral and compliant lockable main isolators for the 3 electric motors
• Integral and compliant lockable isolators for light and tank heater
• Integral junction box

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