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Plastics Processing Machinery providing Optimal Results
CTS Plastics Machinery's range of Telford Smith extrusion equipment are renowned for delivering quality Single Screw, Twin Screw Extruders and Complete Extrusion Lines.

For over 60 years Telford Smith design and manufacture plastic extruders with 25mm-200mm(1"-8") screw diameters.

Ability to build from drawings or samples
Specifically engineered for pipes, profiles, films, wires and cables, sheets, fibres or compounding.

  • Recycling and reclaim machines 
  • Ancillary and automation equipment 
  • Injection Moulding Machines 
  • Plastics Ancillary and Automation Equipment 
  • Granulators 
  • Shredders 
  • Can recondition worn screws and barrells
  • Specially designed with jacketed barrels as standard
Extrusion Machines and Equipment that conform to CE Standards
Products are manufactured by experienced engineers and come with full after service support from CTS's trained staff.

All products are put through a rigorous quality control inspection ensuring all products adhere to the relevant safety and CE standards. CTS Plastics Machinery information and contact details


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03/05/11 - Zerma’s range of GSP pipe/profile granulators are available from CTS Plastics Machinery.
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15/11/10 - SHINI dehumidifiers from CTS Plastics Machinery are ideal for drying hygroscopic materials than cannot be dried effectively by hot air dryers alone.
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12/11/10 - HAIDA Injection Moulding Machines from CTS Plastics Machinery are economical and fully automatic.
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17/09/10 - The machines deliver a uniform extruder output for a wide range of sheet variants including flat, embossed, corrugated, profiled and mono
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16/09/10 - The grinders and pulverizers suitable for the processing of medium hard, impact resistant and friable materials.
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