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Wide Bay Water Corporation utilise CST Wastewater Solutions septic receival stations for waste treatment

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Wide Bay Water Corporation have upgraded and automated their old manual septic receival system for processing up to 10 tanker loads of waste daily. In doing so, Wide Bay Water Corporation have improved hygiene, reduced offensive odours and provided themselves with load measurability for accurate billing to the septic waste producers.

Wide Bay Water Corporation are responsible for water and wastewater services to the city of Hervey Bay, which includes the townships of Burrum Heads, Howard, Toogoom and River Heads. CST Wastewater Solutions (formerly Contra-Shear Technology), supplied the septic receival station to Wide Bay Water Corporation.

Wide Bay Water Corporation treat waste from businesses using grease and fats, as well as domestic sewage from rural areas. The six to ten tanker loads of septic waste that they process range in quantity from 1500-12,000 litres. Wide Bay Water Corporation previously employed a manual grading system for the waste, which required hand removal of large material such as rags that clogged up the system, creating OH & S issues.

According to Wide Bay Water Corporation, odour was a problem with the old receival system, bringing complaints from neighbours. CST Wastewater Solutions’ septic receival station/treatment system is hygienic. Wide Bay Water Corporation have also bought and installed a number of screw screens from CST Wastewater Technologies for other treatment plants. CST Wastewater Solutions’ septic receival station is designed to allow septic waste tankers to discharge in 20-30 minutes.

Tankers connect to the station using a standard camlock fitting. Before the plant can be operated and the tanker discharged, an access code is required. This allows discharges to be measured and accurately charged to the tanker operator.

The first step in the station’s treatment of the municipal or industrial wastewater is mechanical. This involves screening to remove gross solids, grit and greasy floating matter. All material larger than 5mm is removed and dewatered before the filtrate flows to the sewage plant inlet for further processing.

The complete septic receival station package includes a flowmeter, control valve, fully automated controller and a self-contained screen. It allows the council to control and measure the discharges to their sewage plant. The septic receival station is available in different sizes, depending on the application and the required throughput. Flow rates of up to three litres per second are achievable. Sand separation can be included.

The advantages of CST Wastewater Technology’s septic receival station include:

  • fully enclosed pollution-free machine
  • absence of splashes or odours
  • shaftless spiral, which means no jamming or blocking in the presence of fibrous products or difficult materials
  • no mechanical components in contact with wastewater
  • low speed and absence of bearings
  • volume reduction
  • no or low organic matter in washed out solids
  • low volume of solids for disposal
  • easy to install
  • no construction works required
  • low operation and maintenance costs

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