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Filtration Solutions
These sand filters consistently remove contaminated sand from the active sand bed with the air lift pump filtering the dirty sand from the bottom of the filter.
The contaminated sand as well as other debris is moved up the pump into the washing compartment of the filter for sand to be filtered of any foreign particles.

Once sand filtration has taken place, sand will be returned to the sand bed while dirty water will be released through a different compartment.

Benefits of Continuous Sand Filters
  • The continuous sand filtration systems use 50% of raw water instead of filtered water
  • Efficient removal of solids even colloidal solids
  • Minimal maintenance required and simple to install
  • Low operational head loss gives gravity feed
  • Capital and operating costs are low
Continuous sand filters can be used in a range of applications such as water treatment systems, industrial filtration systems, removal of algae and more. CST Wastewater Solutions information and contact details

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