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Crown Equipment releases landmark ecologic report

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Crown Equipment   today released its Crown ecologic Report highlighting the company’s sustainability initiatives and accomplishments. The report highlights Crown’s tradition, exploration and implementation of conservation-minded practices throughout the design, engineering and manufacturing of resilient, long-lasting forklifts. The company’s commitment to sustainability is evident throughout numerous aspects of its operations. Throughout the past 10 years, Crown has rehabilitated more than one million square feet of brownfield facility space into new buildings for manufacturing and business operations. And, Crown’s New Bremen, Ohio, manufacturing facilities operate computer-controlled heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems to reduce facility-wide energy use.

Some of Crown’s recent ecologic-related accomplishments include:

  • Crown brings multiple technologies to the material handling industry that help conserve waste including the e-Gen Braking System.  e-GEN uses AC motor torque instead of wearable brakes to slow the forklift’s motion. This design eliminates the need to replace or adjust wearable parts and in doing so reduces waste. 
  • Crown secured its second grant from the State of Ohio to continue its industry-leading research, testing and application of fuel cell technology in forklifts. Crown also established the material handling industry’s first Fuel Cell Qualification program for its line of electric forklifts. The program approves Crown trucks for use with fuel cell power packs and provides certifications to customers.
  • In Australia, Crown has been working at a local level, recycling 630 tons of scrap metal, over 500 cubic metres of cardboard, 720 tons of lead batteries, and over 300 cubic metres of plastic materials during the 2008/2009 period.

“Sustainability and environmental stewardship are engrained into the Crown culture,” said Jim Dicke III, president, Crown Equipment. “Shaped by decades of thoughtful leadership, this approach has enabled Crown to improve the environment while benefiting our customers. On average, 85 percent of the components on Crown forklifts are engineered and manufactured by Crown. As a result, we have a unique level of control over what goes into our product during the manufacturing process and throughout supply chain. This enables us to take meaningful and significant steps to keep sustainability top of mind while reducing waste streams.”

Paul Jackson, Crown’s Managing Director, Australasia, said, “These accomplishments and the additional details included in the 2009 ecologic report share our progress to date and provide a clear way to measure our ongoing progress. As we continue to have an increasing number of conversations with our customers about Crown’s sustainability efforts, we believe that our ecologic practices to minimise waste, manage energy, and maximise product and component lifespans lead to a clean environment and smart business decisions for our customers.”


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