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The new VR series of paperless chart recorders from CrispTech

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CrispTech  introduces a new, high resolution range of paperless chart recorders, the VR series, in Australia. The VR series is available in two models, namely the VR6 and the VR18.

The VR6 offers up to 6 analog inputs and the VR18 handles up to 18. Unlike most chart recorders in the market, the VR series offers extremely high VGA screen resolution of 640x480 pixels, typically 4 times better than all standard 320x240 pixels. The colour LCD display screen is also large and more readable giving a huge 6.4” display.

The VR series is a user friendly way to monitor complex processes either directly on the screen or from a remote site using RS232, RS485, RS422 serial connections or through an ethernet network. It can be used to monitor, record, and evaluate processes in plants such as chemical plant, waste water, food & beverage, automotive, environmental monitoring, weather stations, laboratory or any plant processes. Historical data can be accessed online, recorded on a remote PC or stored locally on a compact flash memory card.

The main features are as follows:

· Maximum 18-channel analog input, optional 18-channel mathematics
· VGA resolution 640x480 pixels
· 6.4" TFT display
· Infrared detector for screen saving in smart way
· 6 rear Slots for easy expansion by Plug & play I/O cards
· Solid and cost effective storage media CF card in flexible capacity of 16, 64 or 128 MB
· Guaranteed sample rate of 200 mSec because of additional CPU on analog input card, even for 18 channels
· High accuracy 18-bit A-D analog input, 15-bit D-A analog output
· Short depth 174mm behind panel
· User-friendly operation because of configurations on the same page, no need to configure back and forth on different pages like other recorders
· Well designed portable kit to convert panel mount into bench top
· High-level isolation among channels with breakdown voltage up to 430 VAC

A variety of customization cards are available and these are common for both units. These include both analog and digital inputs and digital output relay cards, as well as an optional mathematics function. Both units come with a variety of AC and DC power options and all cards are interchangeable thus providing a cost effective upgrade path. Both units can be either panel mounted or desktop mounted.

The Observer 1 software package is included with each basic unit package and this allows local configuration and monitoring. The optional Observer II package provides remote network access and real time data logging.

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