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Moxa device manager 2.0 available from CrispTech

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All of Moxa's embedded computers, available from CrispTech , now come with an operating system pre-installed. In addition, middleware, sample code, and tools are provided to give programmers a user-friendly environment for application development, minimising the time and effort required for system integration.

Moxa Device Manager 2.0 (MDM 2.0) is an easy-to-use remote management tool for managing Moxa's ready-to-run embedded computers through a web browser. Moxa's embedded computers make good front-end computers for onsite data acquisition and industrial control applications, but they are often located at a remote site. MDM was designed to make it easy for system administrators to manage their remote embedded computers.

Following are the features of MDM 2.0:

  • Control and monitor remote embedded computers over the Internet
  • Get remote device system info including basic system info, memory info, and storage info
  • One-to-multiple file transfer including firmware (excl.UC-71XX & XPe) update and file upload
  • Remote programme monitor and control, including process and service (Windows only) control

Following are the features under remote system administration

  • Networking configuration setting
  • AutoLaunch (excl. XPe)
  • System time and RTC (Linux) time
  • Device reboot

Following are the features under file management

  • Download/upload a file (remote and local site)
  • Rename a file or directory
  • Delete a file
  • Create a directory
  • Remove a directory non-recursively
  • Get file list of a directory
  • Change file mode (Linux only)

MDM 2.0 supports all models and OS (Linux, CE, XPe) of Moxa's embedded computers.

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