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Learn the secret of wide temperature technology

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Why do industrial embedded computers need to operate in wide temperature environments?

Many industrial computers are now available that can operate reliably in temperature ranges as wide as - 40° to 75°C. This makes it possible to use the computers in a broad range of industrial applications, including in severe and harsh environments.

By supporting wide temperature operation, the computers are reliable and less prone to failure over long periods of time, even when used in harsh environments. Detailed information about the challenges of using embedded computers in wide temperature environments is available in a new white paper and PowerPoint presentation, both of which can be downloaded free from the CrispTech and the Moxatech's website.

The white paper highlights the key elements of embedded computers with the wide temperature feature, and highlight how Moxa overcomes the design challenges of producing wide temperature computers.

The following topics are covered in this white paper: The importance of wide temperature computers, the challenges of designing wide temperature computers, how to overcome these challenges and where wide temperature computers are used.

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