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Contamination Control with the Patch Test Kit
The Patch Test Kit is a valuable tool for the visual analysis of contamination levels and contaminate across a range of industries. The Patch Test Kit is currently being used in: 

  • Contamination control programs to monitor oil farm ISO cleanliness.         
  • Equipment condition monitoring identifying cleanliness levels as well as identifying contaminate types such as bright metals, dark metals, fibers, silica and more. 
  • Equipment maintenance help to ensure the “roll-out spec” is meet in workshops servicing mobile plants.         
  • Water quality assessmenet and oil analysis for any water or oil contamination
  • Hydraulic commissioning for both oil based and water based hydraulic fluids.       
  • Monitoring filtration performance.

Particle Test offers a simple to use patch test kit for personal maintenance through a wide range of industries

  • Mining
  • Industrial Plants
  • Offshore 
  • Hydraulic Comissioning

The Patch Test Kit is suitable for many different types of fluids including

  • Lube Oil
  • Hydraulic Fluid
  • Water based Hydraulic Fluids.
  • Water
  • Fuel

Contamination Controls Patch Test Kit Features

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy user operation, with step-by-step manual including reference photos.
  • Fast, on-site analysis. When you need results now the Patch Test Kit is a great alternative to off-site oil analysis.
  • Provides you with type, concentration and actual size of particulate contamination in your system.
  • Option of a built-in camera for detailed reports and presentations.
  • Packaged in a neat, portable patch test kits in a carry case for easy mobility.
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