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CRC 2.26 is a multi purpose, moisture control sealant formula that displaces and seals out moisture from electrical properties. CRC 2.26 prevents corrosion, cleans, lubricates and effectively penetrates surfaces.

Moisture control sealant protects against corrosion in all electrical equipment

  • A moisture eliminator for wet equipment
  • Protective film seals out moisture by creating a barrier to prevent trouble before it starts
  • Simply lubricates contacts
  • Penetrates to free rusted or corroded parts
  • Acts as a degreaser
Prevent and repair electrical failures
CRC 2.26 is a stable, inert organic formula, specifically prepared to prevent and repair electrical failures caused by moisture, corrosion, dirt or friction. CRC 2.26 is a non flammable 6 in 1 product that improves electrical properties and contains no silicones. 
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