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CRC Industries offers a complete range of precision electrical and electronic cleaners in both flammable and non flammable options. These industrial cleaning products are ideal for use by electricians, electrical engineers and repairers of electrical parts and equipment in the electrical, electronic and mining markets.
Enable quick and safe repair and maintenance operations to be carried out on site and in the workshop
  • Contact 2000 is a chemically inert precision cleaner that is non flammable and safe on plastics, leaving no residue and offers complete and rapid evaporation
  • CO Contact Cleaner is a non corrosive, non staining cleaner that has complete evaporation, is safe on most plastics and flammable formulation
  • NF Contact Cleaner is a high powered, non flammable cleaning solvent. with no flash point or fire point, offering complete evaporation it is harmful to most plastics
  • XTR Precision Cleaner assists in the prevention of contact failure or malfunction, it is a non conductive precision cleaner, with no flash or fire point, non flammable, complete evaporation and is safe on plastics
  • Switch Cleaner Lubricant has been specially formulated to clean and lubricate sensitive switches in a single operation
  • Air Brush safely removes lint and dust from precision electrical equipment, its dry formula leaves no residue or condensation is non corrosive and non flammable
  • Freeze Spray is a multi-purpose dry coolant for maintenance, trouble shooting and repair
CRC Industries' precision cleaners for electronics and electrical equipment do not stain and will wash away contaminants like grease, oil, dirt and flux.
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