Powerful Industrial 5.56 Multi-Purpose Lubricant From CRC Industries


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An all round performance lubricant, CRC 5.56 pierces through corrosion bringing back life to equipment dredged by moisture and rust incubating environments.

Suitable as a cleaner and preventative measure, CRC 5.56 lubricant works hard and safely.

Non-flammable with PTFE variant is also available for safety.

Strong performance removing rust and corrosion without need to disassemble equipment
  • Penetrative power dispersing settled rust and corrosion removing laborious disassembly operations
  • Forms a molecular protective barrier on equipment surfaces extending lifespan of machinery
  • Removes moisture and shields from environmental extremities such as humidity and salt air for use in harsh conditions
  • Lubricates upon application freeing corrode components for sooth and quiet movement
Imperative safety information with Material Safety Data Sheet for responsible operation
  • CRC Industries Material Safety Data Sheet available for essential safety and accident prevention
  • Directions, disposal and warning information for operational and product clarity
  • Conditional 2 year warranty from date of manufacture for quality assurance
Non-flammable with PTFE version available for application in hazardous environments
With all benefits of regular 5.56 Lubricant, a revamped non-flammable version with extra lubricating PTFE, is also available for use in hazardous environments.

Repair, protect and prevent corroded machinery to pristine condition with regular and Non-flammable with PTFE  CRC 5.56 Multi-Purpose Lubricant.  CRC Industries (Australia) information and contact details


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