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CRC Industries offer a range of food grade range of products designed for use in any food environment. This includes cleaners, lubricants, polishes, greases, penetrants and cutting compounds. 

There is a group of products with NSF H1 and AQIS Lubricant Type A rating, which is suitable for use where there is incidental contact with food. There is also a large range of products which can be used in food environments where there is no possibility of food contact. 

Food grade products for food processing equipment
CRC Industries range of Food grade products are the ideal product within your business as they remain pliable when working and will not glaze or harden. Other key features include:

  • Belt grips are formulated with a synthetic polymer that is non drying and water resistant
  • Chain lubricants inhibits corrosion and reduces load stress, formulated specifically for use on food processing equipment and conveyors
  • Multipurpose silicone spray is an excellent release agent and lubricant for all surfaces in food processing and food handling applications
  • Machine oil penetrates and loosens rust, scale, dirt and corrosion to free parts and fasteners
  • Contains no silicone, will not harm wood, metal, plastic or painted surfaces 
The food grade range is ideal for use by electrical and engineering contractors on and off site.  For further information on this product visit the CRC Industries website.

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Question: 11/09/14 - Thank you for your enquiry. The food grade silicone lubricant is not available in bulk formula.CRC Industries 
Question: 10/01/13 - It may be a bit difficult finding that particular product on the Gold Coast, but you can use another of our silicone products, 808 Silicone Spray as ... read more

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