Cover and Protect Exposed Metal Surfaces with Anti-Corrosion Light Dry Film from CRC Industries


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CRC Industries' Anti-Corrosion Light Dry Film is a clear, dry film corrosion inhibitor that creeps quickly to cover exposed metal surfaces, driving out moisture, leaving an ultra-thin, non staining film that protects metal against corrosion.

Repel dirt and dust, keeping stored parts and equipment clean
  • Highly effective in humid conditions or after floods
  • Protective film resists oxidation and prevents flash rusting during storage
  • ASTM B117 Salt Spray test – 250 hours
Ready to use – no mixing required and will not restrict electrical current flow
  • Non-emulsifying in water – displaces water from surfaces
  • Easy to reapply over existing film and/or clean surfaces
  • Will not stain or discolour paper packaging
Fast drying corrosion inhibitor spray
Anti-Corrosion Light Dry Film is fast drying, allowing parts to be handled quickly, dries to touch in just one hour. As it is a dry film formula, treated parts may be easily handled without removing the film.
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