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CRC Industries Anti-Corrosion Heavy Wet Film is a non-drying, protective, clean, oily film that resists run-off and flow. This anti corrosion coating provides protection for metal parts and assemblies.

Protection dies, moulds, tools and assemblies that are in long term storage

  • Exceeds ASTM B117 Salt Spray test – greater than 300 hours
  • Heavy oily film resists both run off and flow
  • Easy re-application over existing film
Anti-Corrosion Heavy Wet Film offers protection for up to 2 years indoors
  • Safe on most paints and plastics
  • Ongoing corrosion protection just reapply after 2 years
  • Lubricating properties promotes easy startup of stored equipment
The residual film exhibits excellent high pressure lubricating properties, which promotes easy start-up of stored equipment. If required, it can be easily removed with solvents, like CRC Brakleen. For additional corrosion protection,  Heavy Wet Film can be used on surfaces previously treated with Light Wet Film.
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