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F25 Series of Crane Remote Controllers
Crane Automation & Industrial Supplies stock the Telecrane F-25 series of crane remote controllers. These industrial remote controls are best used for for overhead cranes and concrete pump trucks. The crane radio controls in the F-25 series are F25-8S/8D and F25-10D.

F25 Crane Radio Remote Controllers provide a range of safety features

  • Safety function of category 4 for “STOP” & category 3 for ”CONTROL” under the NEW EN ISO 13849-1
  • Compact size, Economic design,and Easy operating
  • Durable casing with extra shock resistance
  • Programmable function setting, suitable for diversified industrial applications
  • Remote Pairing technology, allowing instant maintenance on site
  • Pre-wiring standard cable for quick and easy installation
  • Built-in Alarm/horn, without installing extra warning devices

The F24-60 Series of Remote Control Systems
Known for its economic efficiency and ease of operation, the F24-60 series is the premier automation product in Telecrane's stable of radio remote controls.

  • Durable nylon-fiber housing for extra shock resistance
  • Operating range up to 100 meters
  • Pre-wiring standard cable making installation quick and easy
  • Economic efficiency, ease of operation
  • 3 stages LED battery power indicator
  • Feature acceleration delay time control (smooth moving for multiple speeds cranes)
  • 4.3 billion unique ID code
  • Hamming code
  • Enhanced watch-dog circuit 
Best used for overhead cranes, self effecting cranes and concrete pumps, this remote crane controller has a fully programmable relay configuration that allows for a maximum 16 relays per command.
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