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Video editing products and fixed speed cameras from CR Kennedy

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CR Kennedy  is a pioneer in providing quality video editing products. These video editing products are offered under the brand name ‘Focus Enhancements’. ‘Focus Enhancements’ provides various solutions that are suitable for the production workflow of ‘glass-to-glass’ video editing equipment.

‘FireStore Direct’ system is extensively used to edit products. ‘ProxSys’ media server provided by CR Kennedy has the capability of archiving and managing thousands of hours of edit ready content for enterprise wide solutions or workgroups.

CR Kennedy also offers powerful MPEG play-out products that are designed on recent technology. The play-out products are suitable for various purposes such as themed entertainment, training, retail and private broadcast networks.

Fixed speed cameras are also one of the products supplied by CR Kennedy. These cameras provide and follow turn- by- turn directions to perform their functions. Heavy content can easily be downloaded, opened, copied and unzipped by these fixed speed cameras, which are designed on recent technology.Semiconductors offered by CR Kennedy are high in demand and are used by renowned manufacturers such as Sony, Sigma Designs, Philips, Samsung, Apple, Panasonic, Intel, Nokia, Microsoft, Thomson and Zenith technologies.

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