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Horizon Smog-Eater Model SEH Dust and Fume Extractors
  • Portable
  • Single phase dust and fume extractor
  • Ideal for light dust and fume problems with a nominal airflow of 250 cubic metres per hour
  • Two speed motors, complete with 5m length of 45mm diameter hose and a range of nozzles this unit has many uses in laboratories, light industry or on site fabrication
  • This dust and fume extractor is suitable for removing fumes from:
    • Light welding work
    • Collecting dust while pouring powder products
    • Removing other fumes
  • Normally supplied with a high capacity cartridge filter, an additional activated carbon filter can be added to assist with removal of odours

Horizon Smog-Eater Models SE6 and SE6M Efficient Fume and Smoke Extractors

  • Highly efficient dust and fume extractor
  • Supplied in two versions:
    • Model SE6 has electrostatic filters designed to remove mist, fumes and smoke from such operations as welding or soldering
    • Model SE6M has mechanical filters designed to filter contaminated air with a greater percentage of oil mist from lighter machine tools. Supplied for either wall or floor mounting
    • Both models can be supplied with a variety of filters to suit specific applications
    • Both fume and smoke extractors have a nominal air flow of 1000 cubic metres per hour
    • Can be supplied to suit either single or three phase electric supply
  • Higher duty models with up to a nominal airflow of 1700 cubic metres per hour are available for heavy welding, multiple duct applications and for removal of coolant mist from CNC machine tools

Horizon Panda Dust and Fume Carts

  • Designed for easy placement where required
  • Mobile dust and fume extractor is available with either a 2m/3m self supporting collection tube
  • Ideal for a welding shop or where dust or mist is generated
  • Choice of filters to suit different applications makes this unit popular in a wide range of industries
  • The standard filter cartridge has a filtration efficiency of 99.9% with particle sizes from 0.2 to 2.0 microns
  • A micro filter has an efficiency of 99.985% at 0.3 microns
  • Can be supplied in either single or three phase modes and there is a range of end hoods to suit different applications

Horizon Model SE4M Dust Collectors

  • Powerful compact dust extractor unit
  • Designed for collection of dust from smaller woodworking machinery, grinders and belt sanders
  • Fitted with built in spark arrestor filters and available for single or three phase supply
  • Designed for connection to multiple machines with a nominal airflow of 650 cubic metres per hour through 200mm diameter entry ductwork

Horizon Filto-Bench Downdraft Workbenches

  • These benches are available in a wide range of sizes to draw down and filter dust and fumes generated while welding, fettling or grinding as well as providing a solid workbench
  • Available with a range of different filter systems including electrostatic, cartridge filters, HEPA filters and activated carbon filters
  • Spark arrestor filters and motor/fan units available as well as supplementary rear wall extraction, partial enclosure for increased containment, overhead lighting and units mounted on castors or other special features are available
    Units available for light duty laboratory style application through to units suitable for heavy engineering, fabrication and foundry fettling

Horizon Rambler Self Supporting Flexible Extraction Arms

  • A range of self supporting extraction tubes is available to suit Horizon dust and fume extractor units
  • Available with tube diameters of 75mm and 150mm and fully flexible or articulated with internal support or with external support and with lengths of from 1m-4m, there is always a Horizon Rambler unit available to help make extraction convenient
  • There are even units available with a low volt light unit mounted into the extraction hood
The Horizon dust and fume extraction equipment provides quality air ventilation, removing smoke, dust and mist in the workplace.
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