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Energy management solutions from Country Energy

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Country Energy  are national energy retailers and provide products and services for both large and small business use. Country Energy provide electricity, natural gas, LPG, internet, water, Night Vision lighting solutions, Demand Side Management and energy efficient tips.

Country Energy offer Night Vision lighting solutions to improve security in the business premises. The Night Vision system comprises of lights and is installed onto the existing power poles around the premises. When the street lights are turned on, the Night Vision system is activated. The Night Vision system presents an effective and affordable lighting solution. Country Energy undertake complete installation and maintenance of lights.

Country Energy provide energy management solutions to businesses. Demand Side Management (DSM) service from Country Energy helps businesses in minimising electricity consumption during peak periods. Country Energy are also investing in renewable energy sources. Energy derived from these sources can be easily replaced without impacting the environment. Renewable energy sources include solar energy, wind farms, hydro power, carbon sequestration, biomass and wave and tidal power.

In addition to providing energy management solutions, Country Energy also sell natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas. These gases emit less greenhouse gas emissions compared to electricity generated from coals.

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