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Compression moulded closures available from Cormack Packaging

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Cormack Packaging  have announced access to compression moulded closures for the beverage market. Injection moulding uses a screw to force molten plastic through a gate into a form. Compression moulding uses semi molten plastic being forced into a shape under pressure.

Following are the benefits of compression moulded closures:

  • Light-weight but stronger closure
  • Double compression moulded process producing a light-weight closure
  • Compression process minimises closure stress points for stronger caps

TE band offers the following:

  • Low and consistent application forces
  • Good flushing capabilities
  • Compression liner for good sealing vacuum retention, the result is product stability
  • Available in barrier, non-barrier and custom options
  • Low application torques
  • Applied in-lbs: 25 in-lbs
  • Removal in-lbs: 15 in-lbs
  • Requires less or no steam/heat on filling and capping
  • Also leaves liner lubricated with natural polymers (slip) which aids removal
  • Band encourages smooth, consistent and low application forces
  • High speed capping 800bpm
  • Weight - 2.2g
  • Packing 950 cartons x 2500 pieces = 2.325 million
  • Sizes - 33mm, 38mm, 43mm

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