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Coolrooms and other refrigeration products from Coolstar coolrooms

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The Kwik Kit coolrooms supplied by Coolstar Coolrooms has been designed to make the life of the user simpler. Attention to details is a key factor that differentiates the Coolstar Coolrooms from other products in the market. The Kwik Kit Coolrooms from Coolstar Coolrooms does not have a hob at the doorway and this facilitates easy transit in and out of the coolroom. The door of the coolroom can be bumped open from the inside if the need arises. Cleaning is also an easy proposition the Colorbond walls can be easily wiped and the vinyl floor can be mopped effortlessly. The absence of internal angles facilitates cleaning.

A range of shelving options is available for the Kwik Kit coolroom, bulkhead lights with external switches and dial thermometers can also be fitted to the coolroom. A range of refrigeration options is also available with the Kwik Kit coolrooms.

Kwik Kit coolrooms can also be fitted with a freezone glass door inserts this allows the coolroom to be used as a display. These glass doors come in many variations and custom designs are also possible.

A range of freezers, mobile coolrooms and custom UTE boxes are also available from Coolstar Coolrooms.

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