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Wireless data communication solutions

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FREEWAVE Technologies provides wireless data solutions for applications around the world ranging from mission critical to recreational. All radios are built and tested to operate over temperature ranges as wide as -40° to +75°C.

FreeWave spread-spectrum radios, available through Control Synergy , are designed to establish communication networks even where other radios may have failed.

The new FGRIO system provides performance and versatility in wireless transmission of process-control signals.

FGRIO offers transparent acquisition, transport and reconstruction of analogue, digital and power signals, eliminating the need for associated buried wiring. The RTU requires no altered programming.

Some features include:

* Frequency hopping: Offering communication and diagnostics from the master to the IO slaves.

* Low latency: Less than one second signal delay.

* High accuracy: FGRIO system analogue signal fidelity is factory calibrated and drift with time/temperature is typically much less than that of transducers.

* Short range/low power: Suitable for solar powered installations.

* Error-free communications: 32 bit CRC with automatic retransmission.

* Input voltage range: Input voltage range is 6-20V dc at full RF output power.

* Power consumption: Operation at 6mA at 12V dc at six instrument readings a second.

* Noise immunity: Superior performance in noise congested environments.

* Secure: Proprietary spread spectrum technology prevents unauthorised access.

* Slave radio: Accepts two digital inputs (DI), two analogue inputs (AI) and switches two digital outputs (DO).

* Master radio: Mirrors signals for up to four slave radios and provides a link alarm signal.

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