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Surge protector circuit breakers from Novaris for lightning protection

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Control Logic introduces a new range of surge circuit breakers (SCBs) by Novaris designed specifically for surge protection devices to offer comprehensive protection against lightning strikes. Overcoming inherent problems typically found in standard circuit breakers and fuses, Novaris SCBs can withstand excessive surge currents, allowing the surge diverter to absorb the brunt of lightning strikes and prevent nuisance tripping.

This also means there won’t be any need to waste manhours inspecting, resetting and replacing fuses, ultimately saving costs as well as ensuring peace of mind.

Available in 100KA and 200KA sizes, the SCB’s tripping mechanism is sensitive enough to detect a continuous short circuit fault condition with a guaranteed 40 millisecond reaction time. This ensures co-ordination of upstream main circuit breakers so they do not trip on a lightning strike, disrupting productivity.

The Novaris SCB additionally reduces cabling gauge down three sizes to 6mm², the smallest allowed by AS3000, when compared to traditional circuit breakers and fuses, minimising wire costs, installation time, and handling of tough bulky cables.

Novaris surge circuit breakers are proudly distributed by Control Logic.

Please visit the Control Logic website www.control-logic.com.au or call 1800 557 705.

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