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Red Lion large serial slave displays, available from Control Logic

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The Red Lion large serial slave display, available from Control Logic , is a versatile display that accepts serial ASCII data from a host device and displays the received characters.

These 6-digit large serial slave displays are able to display numbers, 7-segment alphabetic letters, and certain punctuation characters. They have 4" high red LED digits with adjustable display intensity, making the data readable up to 180 feet.

Housed in a NEMA 4X/IP65 enclosure made from light weight aluminum, these large serial slave displays have two internal display buffers that allow two separate display values or messages to be viewed. The main, or primary, display typically shows dynamic data, such as counts, rates, processes, etc., usually received directly from another meter. The secondary display typically shows a fixed message or value, such as a system or machine identifier, or a target production value.

Both displays can be toggled either manually or automatically at a user selected toggle speed and the information displayed on both is retained in memory when power is removed from the unit.

For single meter remote display applications, the Red Lion large serial slave display can be connected directly to a Red Lion meter with RS232 or RS485 serial communications, and multiple slaves can be connected using an RS485 serial bus.

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