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New finger-tip joystick options for speed control from Control Devices & Penny + Giles

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article image JC120 single axis joystick controllers

Penny + Giles has expanded its family of JC120 single axis joystick controllers with the addition of new mechanical features contained within the existing joystick design.

A 7-position detent feel provides the operator with an indication of the progressive movement through the joystick lever’s operating angle. There are three detents positioned at 10° increments each side of the centre detent position. These detent options are available for the original spring return to centre and spring return to one end versions of the JC120, as well as the new friction option.

A further new feature is a new friction mechanism is available, which will allow the operator to set the joystick lever to a specific position for driving a control system at a constant speed without the need to continue to remain holding the lever. Also available with this friction option is a centre detent position that provides the operator with an indication of the joysticks lever’s middle position. 

These new features are designed to offer users with a cost effective solution to providing mechanical indication of setting the speed of a control system. The life of the new mechanical features is in excess of 1 million cycles.

The JC120 joysticks, available from Control Devices (Aust)  is a small, compact controller measuring only 26.5mm wide (28.5mm with optional IP67 protective boot fitted) featuring a pivoting lever design that provides one axis of forward and reverse movement. Two lever heights are available – either 63.75mm (Long) or 54mm (Short) above the mounting panel. The standard spring-return to centre option is ergonomically designed for smooth, precise finger-tip control making it ideal for repeated operations over long periods.

It also features excellent proportional control, stable output, low noise and long life and is designed for applications including radio remote control ‘chest packs’, robotics, remote camera controls and agricultural and material handling equipment. Electrical connections are provided through a 7-pin Molex 70553 series latching male connector on the joystick base for easy installation.

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