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HIMOS Series HI570 operator interfaces from Control Devices (Aust)

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Control Devices (Aust)  presents the HIMOS Series HI570 operator interfaces designed to provide human machine interfaces for PLCs or inverters.

HIMOS HI570 operator interfaces enable users to implement PLC logic using standard ladder logic programming. The HIMOS unit has four high speed counters (25 kHz each), hundreds of timers and counters, thousands of internal coils, retentive and non retentive memory registers and PID functionality.

The operator interfaces can communicate with PLCs using serial communication ports to fetch the information requested by the operator. This information can be the value of a PLC register, the status of an I/O or any PLC parameter available. The information can be displayed on the HI570 screen, and if required, the HMI can also modify the value of these PLC registers or parameters.

It is also possible to provide the HMI with analogue or digital I/O, thanks to remote I/O modules available for the HIMOS Series.

Key features of HIMOS Series HI570 operator interfaces:
  • Two serial communication ports
  • Direct connection to Modbus RTU protocol and other opened protocols and to most PLCs
  • Can communicate with two different PLCs simultaneously
  • PLC tasks can be executed on power up, during continuous scanning, when a specific screen is showing, or when a specific wizard event occurs
  • Allows local or global assignation of keys to macros for key processes

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