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Weka visual level indicators now available with IECEx switches

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Control Components offers the Weka range of magnetic visual level indicators for tanks. Designed to provide precise results for tank liquid measurement, Weka magnetic visual level indicators are manufactured in Australia under license from Weka AG of Switzerland.

Weka’s magnetic level indicators are ideal for applications where measurements of liquids are required to be viewed locally or remotely. The level indicators can be used to measure a range of liquids including diesel, hydrocarbons, water, acids and alkalis, refrigerants and various chemicals.

Weka’s magnetic level indicators can operate without power and do not require maintenance. Featuring a 316 stainless steel construction for wetted parts, Weka’s liquid level indicators can also be supplied custom made locally at the Sydney facility.

Key features also include ability to accommodate an extreme temperature range from -162°C up to +400°C; pressures to 630 bars; and specific gravities down to 0.3gm/cm³.

Weka visual level indicators are now available with IECEx switches for use in hazardous environments. Type 31130-NI and Type 31160-NI are bistable Intrinsically Safe magnetic switches for Weka visual level indicators.

Type 31130-NI is an ON/OFF Intrinsically Safe magnetic switch while Type 31160-NI is a changeover Intrinsically Safe magnetic switch.

The magnetic switch is mounted outside of the float chamber opposite to the indication rail. The magnet inside the float activates the reed switch when the liquid in the float chamber reaches that level.

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