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Control Components supply the Weka range of magnetic visual indicators. Manufactured in Australia under license from Weka AG in Switzerland, these accurate level indicators provide precise results for tank liquid measurement.

Indicators can accommodate extremes of temperatures up to 400°C and down to -162°C
  • Pressures to 630 bars and specific gravities down to 0.3gms/cm³
  • Weka magnets are far lighter than competing single and dual ring magnets
  • The 34000 series has a standpipe of only 33.7/29.7mm  and units may be rated to the European Pressure Equipment Directive for application of up to 50bars
  • Option to build smaller diameter floats which enable the use of smaller bore standpipes
Weka’s magnetic level indicators require no power and operate maintenance free 
  • Constructed of 316 stainless steel wetted parts
  • Can be easily read for tens of meters in distance
  • Liquid level indicators can be custom made at local the Sydney facility
Weka’s magnetic level indicators are ideal for applications where measurement of liquids are required be viewed locally or remotely. Ideal for a range of liquids including: Diesel, hydrocarbons, water, acids and alkalis, refrigerants and sundry chemical measurement requirements.

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Question: 24/11/14 - Yes, by using one of the many Wekaanalogue transmitters that mount to the outside of the chamber, we can provide4-20mA signal Best of all you can stillhave ... read more

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