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Control Components offer a range of industrial fluid level switches, level transmitters and sensors for wastewater treatment purposes.

Besta Tri-Mod Level Switches
These switches feature a three module design concept enabling the construction of any combination of Switch module + Flange module + Float module. These switches are ideal for corrosive environments.

Besta Switch Modules
  • Housed in an IP65 standard ( +IP67, IP68 ) galvanically isolated, sea water resistant diecast aluminium housing, with a M20x1.5 cable gland rated to 330ºC
  • The aluminium housings are available in chromated, 316SS or epoxy coated
  • 1 or 2 SPDT Microswitches rated 5 Amps at 250Vac / 30Vdc
Besta Flange Modules
  • Besta standard Flange Modules: 92mm square x 92mm PCD in cast 1.4408 stainless steel
  • Other standard flange modules: 118mm, 127mm, 138mm, 143mm OD in 1.4571 316Ti SS 
  • Industrial ANSI, BS, DIN and JIS flanges available
Besta Float Modules
  • Besta Float Modules are available for side, vertical, interface, adjustable differential applications
  • Standard material is 316Ti with Hastelloy C as an option
Sitron LH Series Hydrostatic Level Transmitters
Sitron’s Hydrostatic Level Transmitters are constructed with zero and span pre-calibrated to the users requirements.
  • Units with housings have a 40% span adjustment capabilities
  • Sitron LH units are designed for depth / level measurement in ground water, deep wells, water towers, rivers, sewage treatment plants
Gems and Sitron Ultrasonic Level Monitors
Gems and Sitron Ultrasonic Level Monitors provide non-contact level monitoring up to 1.25 meters.
  • Integral 4 level switch points are configurable on site via Gems Free software to provide control and switch functions including 2 pumps with 2 alarms
  • Sitron STU Controller and SLU Level Transducers use a echo processing technology operate at the higher ranges: 0 – 10m, 0 – 20m, 0 – 40m, 0 – 80m and 0 – 100m
  • The UCL-510 also includes a loop powered 4 – 20mA output over the measured range 
  • Deeper tanks can be monitored by the Gems UCL-520 up to 8 metres
Kari Float Level Switches
Kari Float Level Switches are large in size providing 600gms of buoyancy.
  • Large size ensures reliable operation in fluids with solids in suspension
  • Large float enables multi-function switching within the one float
  • Kari’s Mini and C Type floats provide low cost, single function operations
  • Standard high / low level alarm functions
  • Additional options include integrated combination pump control (fill or empty tanks) with high and/or low level alarms in the one device
Control Components Level Multi-Station Float Switches
Control Components manufacture a range of custom made float level switches.
  • The wetside is all 316SS, with floats usable in fluids with specific gravity as low as 0.55
  • A maximum of 5 floats per stem can be configured, with NO or NC switching 
  • Electrical terminations are typically a thermocouple type housing with a prewired terminal block 
  • Power supply can be < 32Vac/dc or 240VAC – the latter includes safety provisions
Control Components' wide range of non corrosive fluid level switches and transmitters provide the ideal solution to all of your wastewater treatment applications.

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