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Control Components releases new Eletta M3 electronic flow meter for V and S series flow monitors

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Control Components presents a new range of electronic flow meters from Eletta.

Users of Eletta V and S series flow monitors can now include an M3 flow meter, giving them a programmable electronic flow meter combined with a V or S series flow monitor. The option can be implemented on an existing system using mounting options including GL15-25, FA15-400 and G15-25 BR.

This combination instrument mechanical switch with digital output opens up a lot of possibilities. For example, it allows a 4-20mA signal to the regulatory system while still having an analogue meter at the measuring point. Having two sensors, one of them for a backup system, helps build redundancy.

Eletta products monitor everything from simple cooling circuits in induction heating machinery to the gas flow of carbon dioxide in manufacturing processes. The company’s proven orifice plate technology is highly effective and well recognised.

Key applications include monitoring flows in cooling circuits and lubricating circuits; antifreeze protection of heat pump systems; dry out protection; starting and stopping of pump motors; gas as well as liquid applications; transformers; turbines; industrial furnaces; industrial robots; welding machines; pulp refiners; mining equipment; emergency showers; and measuring nitrogen.

Eletta flow monitors and flowmeters are suitable for diverse industries from OEMs and machine builders to research institutions, particle accelerators and cyclotrons, power plants, hydrogen, nuclear and thermal, paper mills, steel mills, mining, and automotive.

Key features include robust, simple and durable design; unaffected by static pressure; insensitive to magnetic fields; no moving parts; interchangeable control units to fit all pipe sections; quick response times; position independent and compact; simple primary element with reduced spare parts cost; connections DN15 - DN400; 10 - 100 bar; 4 - 20 mA; digital display; and 130mm dial.

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