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Control Components offers CF12 series thermal flow switches

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The Sitron CF12 series of thermal flow switches, now stocked by Control Components , is well suited for the flow and low flow detection of liquids or gases in pipes or ducts.

These thermal flow switches have no moving parts to wear out, so deliver a longer life with lower maintenance costs when compared with alternative mechanical switches.

All CF12 series switches are manufactured from 316 stainless steel, and can be coated with Halar where required for use with particularly aggressive mediums.

The combined flow switch and transmitter in these devices is durable and long lasting, performing reliably in general industrial applications and harsh process environments, with average response times varying between 1 and 10 seconds. A display chain of eight LEDs is also included to assist with set point adjustments.

24V DC and 250V AC models are available, both of which have 5A 250V AC relay outputs.

The standard operating temperature of CF12 series thermal flow switches is between -10 to +120 degrees Celsius, with models that are capable of performing in temperatures up to 200 degrees available where required.

They are also relatively insensitive to dirt and to most particles.

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