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Affordable line of liquid level sensors

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article image Detector sensors -- all new line.

CONTROL Components has introduced the all-new Detector line of micropower impulse radar (MIR) liquid level sensors that promise a new level of affordability for OEMs and process users alike.

Gems Detector MIR sensors are now available in two series: the MIR-800 Series sensors features solid waveguide rods, while the MIR-900 Series sensors features fully encapsulated, flexible rods.

Each series offers specific advantages. Detector sensors are effective for measuring any liquid with a dielectric equal or greater than 3.0 and are particularly effective in media that often frustrate other measuring technologies.

Foaming liquids, viscous and coating fluids, slurries and other particulated liquid media-all are candidates for the Micropower Impulse Radar technology employed in Detector sensors.

Detector sensors use micropower impulse radar (MIR), or time domain reflectometry (TDR), to measure the distance to the surface of the tank contents and output a 4-20 mA signal proportional to liquid level.

Detector sensors pulse microwaves every 2µs and capture fresh readings every 310ms. Resolution and repeatability are 0.25mm with a response time less than two seconds.

MIR-800 sensors feature solid waveguides to reach within <1mm of a tank bottom; especially beneficial when controlling expensive fluids, where undetected inventory beneath common sensors represents costly waste.

A deadband of just 7mm is located at the top end just below the mounting.

These sensors are stocked and available with rods of 0.6 meters or 1.8 metres and are trimmed to required length during installation. For OEM customers, Control Components offers finished units sized per specification and ready for installation.

MIR-900 Series sensors are longer, handling tank depths to 3.6 metres, and feature a flexible dual rod waveguide that is completely encapsulated with Tefzel.

This low-dielectric material resists buildup and provides a bridge between the rods that facilitates accurate wave reflection, even when they become coated.

Two standard lengths are available, which may be trimmed to size to fit tanks 3.6 metres deep or less. A stainless steel weight, fitted at the guide's end, maintains guide rigidity.

The OEM version is sized and calibrated at the factory and supplied with a fitted Ryton end weight. With zero deadband at the top, MIR-900 sensors are capable of measuring tank contents right up to the bottom of its mounting.

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