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Wide range of Led lighting controllers offered by contact51

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contact51  has designed a Led lighting controller called Twinkler which is ideal for accent and mood lighting in commercial and residential settings. The led lighting controller is also suitable for niche locations such as jewellery cases, pools, parks, exhibit cases, decorative down lights and landscape lighting.

SSC-810 offered by contact51 is a sequential step controller which is ideal for controlling displays and all types of lighting effects. Sequential step controllers can be easily programmed to suit required display configurations. Thick film hybrid led engines are ideal for Led lighting manufacturers and can be easily fitted into Led lightings.

Additionally, contact51 provides XLC-128 led controller, which can control up to 128 remote outputs spread over 16 nodes. Features of Led controllers include status indicator for each output, network for stable operation and tough ABS plastic enclosure. Mini-line led engines extended by contact51 prolongs the life span of Led lightings and light emission remains constant without dimming and flickering irrespective of applied voltage.

Zone monitor from contact51 uses microprocessor technology which features a built-in audible alarm, adjustable standby time, visible fault indicator for each zone, individual zone override switch and accessible connection terminals. contact51 also designs and develop special purpose counters, economizer and gas analyzer.

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