ZigSense Wireless Sensors for the Refrigeration Industry

by Conlab

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ZigSense is a line of wireless sensors, routers and gateways that utilize ZigBee wireless mesh network technology as its core communication channel. 
Developed and manufactured in Australia, wireless sensors by ZigSense for the refrigeration industry, monitor and record refrigerators performance, temperature, humidity, energy usage and environmental conditions.

Monitoring of the parameters is increasingly required by health & safety authorities in the food and drugs industry.
Using wireless communications, ZigSense systems can be easily expanded to monitor other parameters such as gas, water consumption, light level etc.

Other potential monitoring and control markets for ZigSense wireless sensors include the following:
  • Building automation
  • Energy & Water metering
  • HVAC systems
  • Cold Storage climate & energy
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Air Quality & Pollution monitoring
  • Aquaculture water quality analysis
  • Gas monitoring
  • Water treatment
  • Manufacturing production lines
  • Tank and silo liquid or grain level
  • Pump energy metering
  • Machine run-time, and more.

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