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ZigSense Modbus Gateaway available from Conlab

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Conlab presents the ZigSense Modbus Gateway, which utilises the ZigBee Network Manager.  The ZigSense features wireless sensors that uses mesh network technology to establish communications between remote nodes and the coordinator. 

In the mesh networks, the nodes are communicating either directly or indirectly through the ZigBee routers then to the network coordinator. The mesh network uses Ad hoc On-Demand Vector (AODV) protocol routing, which when used makes the network silent until a connection is needed.  When the node requires a connection to the coordinator, it broadcasts a request to the network.  If the message does not reach the coordinator directly, the other nodes on the network would forward the request and record the ID of the requesting node.

The Modbus feature, in the ZigSense Modbus Gateway, is an established communications protocol, which data from remote nodes is automatically mapped inside the gateway holding registers and is made available to PLCs, SCADA stations, HMI and data loggers.

The ZigSense Modbus Gateway, available from Conlab, enables writing back to the remote nodes while taking into consideration the inherent sleep-wake cycle of the remote nodes.

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