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Wireless, seamless, configurable RTU

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article image Conlab’s licence-free RTU controllers.

CONLAB has introduced the AES RT12-4204 license-free radio RTU controller pair. The controller includes configurable 12 bits, 4 x analog inputs, 4 x analog outputs, 2 x optically isolated digital inputs and 2 x open collector digital outputs.

The spread spectrum (FHSS) radio transceiver generates 100mW and has a sleep mode. The radio is available in 900MHz, 922MHz (Australia) and 2.4GHz (international) frequency range meeting local and international standards such as FCC Part 15 and ETC 300.328.

Communication range can reach 25km line of sight with YAGGI antennas. The robust enclosure is made of extruded aluminium, operating temperature between -40°C and + 80°C. Repeater units are available upon request.

The RT12-4204 controller pair can be used to monitor remote pump and silo sites or replace cabled sensor installations with wireless installation, providing low cost interface to PLCs, data loggers, PCs or any other SCADA equipment.

The controller has on-board 16 x 2 alphanumeric LCD to display real time system information such as power supply voltage, onboard temperature, analog input data and error messages.

Programming switches allow for easy system configuration. User configurable parameters include transmissions sampling rate and retries, analog scaling factors and controller ID number.

The RT12-4204 displays and sounds an alarm if a communication or power supply error occurs. Bi-directional communications between the LOCAL controller and REMOTE controller allows data and errors information to be viewed in both controllers. Conlab 03 9898 5685.

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