Wireless Air Quality, Humidity, Soil Moisture and Data Sensors from Conlab

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Conlab's ZigSense is a line of wireless sensors that make use of ZigBee mesh network technology as its core communications channel. Data from ZigSense wireless environmental sensors can be logged or transferred to industrial control systems via the network gateway’s built in Modbus RTU interface.

Industrial Data Acquisition Equipment 
  • Data acquisition equipment is used in a wide area of data acquisition and control applications like building automation, smart energy metering, refrigeration, cold storage, environmental monitoring, water quality monitoring, aquaculture and horticulture applications
  • Industrial Temperature Sensors support various physical parameters including temperature, humidity, air flow, tank silo liquid level, electricity energy metering, pH, salinity and soil moisture are just a sample of the parameters that can be monitored
  • Wireless Data Systems eliminate the need to install wires for data transfer to the central monitoring station, increasing flexibility in site installation and reducing installation costs
Conlab's ZigSense range delivers accurate and efficient data on a range of elements, delivering cost savings through wireless modules, increased productivity and integral information.
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22/07/11 - Conlab adds a new range of ZigBee wireless monitoring nodes to its ZigSense line of wireless sensors.
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04/03/10 - Conlab has announced its latest Australian made product, the ZigSense Range Tester model ZS24-RGR-001.
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08/12/09 - Conlab has announced the release of its ZigSense line of wireless sensors utilizing ZigBee mesh network technology as its core communications channel.
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25/09/08 - The U.C.ME-OPC 2009 high severity alarm queues, available from Conlab, can distinguish between standard alarms and high severity alarms.
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16/03/07 - TBOX programmable RTU and data logger available from Conlab now support the AB PLCs DF1 protocol.
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