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Wizcon is a fully integrated open SCADA architecture software suite, combining operator interface, supervisory control, soft logic, web technology and information systems interfaces.

Designed to deliver secured business intelligence in real time over the web using standard web browsers.

Completely Web Enabled Wizcon SCADA Software allows remote access to SCADA reporting through a secure connection
  • Fault tolerant reliability ensures data integrity both in real time and historical archives through a hot backup system
  • Database and ODBC connectivity is simple to use, accessing Microsoft Access databases as well as a user choice function for optional databases
  • Soft PLC, ETHERNET and OPC Connectivity with over 150 serial and ethernet drivers inbuilt into the software suite providing connectivity to multiple hardware platforms
  • Online development allows the application to be updated and amended online without the need for a shutdown process
  • Easy import of existing drawings saves application development time of graphical images by importing existing drawings from AutoCAD, DXF and Windows metafile format files

SCADA Wizcon for Windows and internet allows for online engineering

  • Develop Windows and internet applications
  • Supports HTML, JAVA, XML and ASP
  • Control process from Windows or Internet browsers
  • High resolution vector graphics editor
  • Pre-drawn objects and symbol library
  • Alarm notifications and historical data with time and date stamp
  • Control and scheduling procedural language
  • Macro commands
  • Free format production and management reports
  • Historical analysis of data loggers, alarms and events logger
  • Trends, Bar-Graphs and XY Charts
  • Recipes manager and batch control
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04/03/10 - Conlab has announced its latest Australian made product, the ZigSense Range Tester model ZS24-RGR-001.
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23/03/09 - Conlab have released the XBP09 ZigBee radio modules communicating in the long range 900MHz RF frequency band. The XBP09 ZigBee radio module is built upon a fast 156Kbps RF platform leveraging the peer
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19/05/08 - Conlab has released Farell UMF-100 a Universal Remote IO MODBUS device in Australia.
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27/08/07 - Aquasensors’ smart instrumentation electrodes known as DataSticks contains pH electrode with direct communications to PLCs using MODBUS RTU protocol.
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16/03/07 - TBOX programmable RTU and data logger available from Conlab now support the AB PLCs DF1 protocol.
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