Sturdy Aluminium Foil Food Containers from Confoil

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Confoil supply a large range of foil containers in various shapes and sizes that are highly flexible and extremely durable.

Heavy duty lightweight food containers
  • Series 100 to 1000 is a range of round and speciality shapes for stove guards, pastry tins and cup cake liners
  • Series 200 to 2000 are round in shape and have a diameter less than 150mm making them ideal for food samples, tarts, single serve pies or for use in medical applications as weighing pans and swab trays
  • Series 4000 are round with a diameter more than 150mm, perfect for family size pies, pizzas, quiches and cakes
  • Series 5000 are round and come with an assortment of lids for decorative foods like cheesecakes
  • Series 6000 square and oblong shaped containers with secure clip on lids making them perfect for storing lasagne's, square pies and loaf cakes
  • Series 7000 are made for take away foods, available in square or oblong shapes this range includes multi-cavity trays
  • Smoothwall trays are wrinkle free, manufactured with a smooth rim providing a leak proof seal
Confoil foil trays are ideal for baking, serving take away foods or for catering purposes and with a huge range of sizes, shapes and designs there is a foil package for almost every serving or preparation requirement.

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Question: 10/12/12 - Unfortunately we do not manufacture the plastic bowls. Out largest foil pudding bowl is 225ml approx.

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