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The IECEE CB Scheme is the world's first international system for mutual acceptance of test reports and certificates dealing with the electrical safety and electronic components, equipment and products. 

The scope of the compliance testing accreditation spans over Safety of information for technology equipment and electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use.

Safety Compliance Standards for Mutual International Acceptance
The CB Scheme offers compliance to a host of safety standards including:

  • Safety standards and minimum efficiency standards
  • Performance standards and standby power standards
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility standards
  • Immunity standards
  • Radio communications standards
  • Electromagnetic radiation standards

The CB Scheme Accredited Compliance Testing
The CB Scheme utilises CB Test Reports and Certificates to attest that product samples have successfully passed the test conditions and are in compliance with the requirements of the relevant IEC Standard(s).

  • Clients are able to deal with one CBTL or NCB or their choice
  • Clients are able to have their products tested, including testing to the national differences, special national conditions and regulatory requirements of the products destination countries
  • Clients are able to use the CB test report from CBTL and certificate obtained from one NCB to obtain national approvals in many other member countries through their participating NCBs
  • When using the scheme there is generally no additional testing needed in the country of destination, leaving only administrative work involved in the processing of such applications

Accredited Compliance Testing for Power Supplies
Comtest Laboratories is an IECEE accredited CB Testing Laboratory that offers testing under The CB Scheme to simplify the compliance process for electrical safety testing of electrical or electronic products to be exported to the global market. These include providers of:

  • Isolating Transformers and Control Panels
  • Telecommunications, Laboratory and Computer Equipment
  • Plug Packs
  • Televisions and Audio Equipment
  • ISDN Equipment and Cabling Equipment

CB Test Reports and CB Test Certificates

  • Standardised report in a clause by clause checklist format referencing, the requirements of the relevant IEC Standard
  • The Test Report provides clear and unambiguous results of all the required tests, measurements, verifications, inspections and evaluations
  • Under the rules of the CB Scheme, a CB Test Report is considered valid only if accompanied by its CB Test Certificate
  • The CB Test Certificate is a formal CB Scheme document issued by an authorised NCB to inform other NCBs that a sample of the product tested was found to be in compliance with the applicable requirements

Comtest Laboratories will assist in all steps of the process including The CB Scheme accredited testing, preparing the necessary paperwork and obtaining the CB test certificate from the NCB.

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