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OAK deliquescent desiccant air Dryers

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Compressed Air Consulting and Supply Australia is a Queensland supplier of quality compressed air equipment including Shinano,Toku,Ingersoll-Rand, CP , Gatx and Aircat air tools, Mark piston and screw compressors, Norgren pneumatic equipment , Oak air vibration equipment, Air hoses and Tubing and much more.

Compressed Air Consulting and Supply Australia introduce the Oak Desiccant compressed air dryer.

This solidly constructed unit is manufactured in Bundaberg, it is made of hot dipped galvanised steel and stainless steel to ensure a long life.
Ideally it is suited to airflows of up to 150cfm and is ideally suited to dusty installations such as concrete batching plants where the use of refrigerated dryers is not recommended due to the build up of dust on cooling fins.

With lower air flows such as laser profile cutters or spray painting applications , dew points of well below zero are attained , this means that unless the temperature in your process falls below zero degrees , no water whatsoever will be present in your compressed air downstream of the dryer.

Desiccant tablets for these units are also manufactured in Bundaberg (the only place in Australia where they are manufactured) A 10kg bucket of desiccant tablets will last approx. 12 months when supplied by a 10HP compressor .

These dryers have no moving parts, consume no electricity, and obtain lower dew points than other forms of air dryers. Oak desiccant dryers are not suitable for all applications but for the conditions mentioned above they are the ideal solution.

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