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Save $24,000 – No New Compressor Needed!

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It is something that is all too common. The performance of air nozzles, air curtains and air guns start to drop and right away, the solution is thought to be the purchase of a new compressor. Yes - it is true. Adding another compressor to what a plant already has will help with boosting air pressure but that isn't really the solution.

Consider this example. An industrial company was using 86 copper tubes mounted above their conveyor for blowing off a variety of parts. This single operation had a peak demand of 196 SCFM peak demand and their 50 horsepower compressor could not keep up. They were losing pressure throughout their facility. Fortunately, before adding a new 50 horsepower compressor, they decided to look into engineered blowoff products.

For this application, they installed EXAIR Model 1102 Super Air Nozzles on each tube. The reality was that the copper tubes provided pretty lousy performance, pulling in only 3 parts room air to one part compressed air. By comparison, the Model 1102 Super Air Nozzles entrain 25 parts of room air to one part compressed air. With the amplified airflow, they were able to use lower air pressures, reducing the compressed air consumption by 43%. The air demand went from 196 SCFM down to 70 SCFM. The energy savings was just over $9,000.00. Most importantly, performance throughout the rest of their compressed air system was up to par with no loss in pressure.

There are a number of engineered compressed air products and it is a good idea to become familiar with them to help your company save substantial amounts of money just like the example above. These include:

SuperAir Knife – These low profile air curtains are surprisingly quiet and entrain 40 parts room air to one part compressed air consumed. They include a maximum length of 2743mm (108") and are available in aluminium, Type 303 stainless steel, Type 316 stainless steel, and PVDF. The force can be adjusted and the Super Air Knife uses only one-third of the compressed air of typical blowoffs.

SuperAir Nozzles – A wide assortment of these air nozzles are tailored to a wide range of applications. They are available in a number of materials and deliver force up to 23 pounds! All models provide a strong blast of airflow while minimising air consumption and noise levels. Like the application mentioned above, they typically pay for themselves in a few weeks.

SafetyAir Guns – all use Super Air Nozzles to deliver the high performance without the high noise and air consumption. A wide variety of models are available and are designed to be ergonomic for comfort which is perfect for applications that require extended use.

Pressure drops are also easy to monitor. EXAIR's DigitalFlowmeter measures the usage and helps you find the waste! The digital display shows the exact amount of compressed air being used downstream. It makes it possible to save thousands of dollars per year in compressed air waste – helping to identify costly leaks or inefficient air products. Many companies install the Digital Flowmeter on each major leg of their air distribution system to constantly monitor and reduce compressed air usage.

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