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EXAIR Safety Air Nozzles from Compressed Air Australia

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Performance Improvements with Decreased Noise Levels

A simple solution to reduce excessive air consumption and noise levels on compressed air blowoff operations. EXAIR Air Nozzles and Jets produce outlet flows up to 25 times compressed air consumption using a small amount of compressed air as a power source.

Reductions in Compressed Air Costs

Air savings, compared to open copper tubes or pipes commonly used for blowoff, can be as high as 80%. Less compressed air means less noise. The typical noise level reduction is 10 dBA. All EXAIR Air Nozzles and Jets meet OSHA maximum dead ended pressure and sound level exposure requirements and carry the CE mark.

  • 10 dBA average noise reduction 
  • Conserve compressed air 
  • Improved blowoff performance 
  • Compact 
  • Improved safety 
  • Meets OSHA noise level requirements 
  • Meets OSHA pressure requirements 
  • Improved production 
  • CE compliant

EXAIR safety air nozzles are suitable for:

  • Part cleaning 
  • Chip removal 
  • Part drying 
  • Liquid blowoff 
  • Part cooling 
  • Material conveying 
  • Part ejection 
  • Fibre conveying 
  • Air assist

Selecting The Right Air Nozzle 

EXAIR’s wide selection of Air Nozzles and Jets is split into groups: the first group includes Air Nozzles and Jets that deliver force up to 624 grams and are suitable for most applications; the second group includes Air Nozzles that products high force up to 10,433 grams where additional reach and extreme force are required, and, the third group comprises the new range of Atomizing Spray Nozzles that combine liquid and compressed air to create a mist of atomized liquid and are available in a range of spray patterns for a variety of uses.

Materials Available:

  • Brass for general purpose applications 
  • Zinc Aluminium alloy for general purpose applications 
  • Type 303 Stainless Steel for high temperatures and corrosive environments 
  • Type 316 Stainless Steel withstands high temperatures, corrosive environments, mechanical wear; best for food processing and pharmaceutical applications 
  • PEEK replaces metals in harsh environments; offers excellent resistance to chemicals, fatigue and high temperatures up to 160°C.

PEEK Super Air Nozzle Features Strong Non-Marring Blowoff

EXAIR’s engineered Super Air Nozzles are incorporated into our range of Safety Air Guns to provide superior performance by entraining large volumes of surrounding air. Safe operation is assured along with low air consumption and low noise levels.

EXAIR’s new PEEK 3/8” Super Air Nozzle™ has been engineered to produce the highest performance attainable. The protective aerodynamic slots guide the airflow to a single point of convergence for hard-hitting force and dramatic noise reduction over typical blowoffs. Its PEEK plastic construction provides non-marring protection to production items and excellent resistance to damage from harsh chemicals. And, it operates in temperatures up to 160°C (320°F). The PEEK Super Air Nozzle is suitable for blowoff, cooling and drying applications located in general industrial or corrosive environments.

  • The Model 1104-PEEK 3/8” Super Air Nozzle provides a strong blowing force. 
  • High amplification of airflow produces a blowing force of 850 grams (1.9 pounds), with air consumption of only 35 SCFM at 80 PSIG. 
  • Safe operation is assured since the airflow of the CE compliant Super Air Nozzle cannot be blocked, which meets OSHA dead-end pressure standard 29 CFR 1910.242(b).
  • Sound level is very low at 82 dBA and meets OSHA noise requirement 29 CFR 1910.95(a).
  • Available from Compressed Air Australia, the 1104-PEEK Super Air Nozzle is designed to easily replace existing wasteful nozzles or open pipes. 
  • The 3/8” Super Air Nozzle is also available in Type 316 Stainless Steel and Zinc Aluminum alloy. Other PEEK thermoplastic air nozzles are available in M4x0.5, M5x0.5, M6x0.75, 1/8” and ¼” thread sizes. 
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