Composite Engineering's Heavy Duty Tuff Traxx Bridging Ladders and TrackMats for 4WD's


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Composite Engineering have designed a range of bridging ladders specifically for off-road four wheel driving.

Using modern materials and improved manufacturing methods these TrackMats are light, stronger and more economical.

High strength fibreglass Tuff Traxx bridging ladders
  • Low weight, portable design ideal for tricky off-road situations
  • Extended product life with UV stabilised and corrosion resistant construction eliminating rusting and rotting
  • Superior traction in the harshest conditions with gritted surface
  • Provide extra grip and stability 
Ideal for manoeuvring over bogs, gaps and rocks Composite Engineering's durable Tuff Traxx bridging ladders and TrackMatts are easy to carry, stack and will always deflect and return to their original shape once the heavy load has been removed.
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