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Intellectual property solutions from Complete IP

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Complete IP  offers intellectual property including designs, patents and trademarks. Complete IP has a team of experienced and specialized employees including financial advisors, graphic and web designers, marketing consultants and business management consultants.

Complete IP aids in protection of intellectual property assets and also promote the client’s business. Complete IP provides wide range of services including trademark searches, filing trademark applications, trademark registration services, international trademark registration services, assistance in non-use and opposition matters, monitoring for infringers, managing intellectual property portfolio and assistance in creating loyalty agreements.

Complete IP supports the complete design registration process including design searches, submission and preparation of design applications and also conducts examination of the design. Complete IP also provides services on domain name registrations and copyright matters.

Complete IP provides trademark search of the various records by the government office and also advises on the different options available to overcome the problems and difficulties. Complete IP facilitates government examination to ensure that the process comply with the regulations, rules, standards and specifications.

Complete IP also help their clients to assign IP ownership transfers and also supports activities for domain registration.

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