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CompAir Airnergy Analysis can assist to manage compressed air more effectively and efficiently.

The Airnergy Analysis meet the requirements of the Energy Efficiency Opportunity Act 2006 in conjunction with the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGERS) Act 2007

Energy represents the largest cost associated with operating a compressor and therefore the largest opportunity for savings.

Meet benchmarks for State and Federal grant assistance
A CompAir Airnergy Analysis of your air compressors monitors your site demand over a fixed period of time providing quantifiable facts about your compressed air system, irrespective of compressor types. This information allows real time demand patterns to be plotted alongside the existing system's efficiency at all demand points to give an accurate picture of system characteristics. 
  • Identify and manage reductions in power use and CO2 Emissions
  • 30% + energy savings on compressed air usage
  • Typical payback outcomes 1-2 years
  • Reduce over capitalisation of equipment, either due to upgrading or expansion
What is involves in CompAir Airnergy Air Compression Analysis
Comprehensive audit of site compressed air system incorporating:                   
  • The "Total Systems Integration Approach" and Systems Dynamics
  • Demand side flow analysis (end use)
  • Supply side flow optimisation
  • Full measurement of Power absorbed including Power Factor; Actual Flow rates via non intrusive measurement; Pressure, and Dew Point (where relevant)

Leak management plan incorporating:

  • Leak detection, grading and costings
  • Leak correction recommendations
  • Leak tracking (data management for repeat surveys)
  • Integrated reporting
  • Site basis
  • Targeting of maintenance upgrades

Detailed independent system report and analysis:

  • Compressed air flow demand characterisation and optimisation.
  • Compressed air distribution summary
  • Comprehensive list of compressed air solutions
  • Risk assessment
  • Cost savings summary
  • Recommendations and conclusions
  • Ongoing plan to reduce compressed air energy costs
  • Deliver independently assessed and compiled reports

A CompAir Airnergy Analysis is usually conducted over 7 days, in some large plants longer than 14 days will be required. The final report is prepared by an independent expert and will provide a comprehensive summary detailing cost savings and an action plan to implement the savings. 

The independent report will lock in specific KPI’s to ensure tangible savings are delivered.

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