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Designed to deliver 15% more output whilst consuming less energy than comparative compressors, the newly launched L80 screw compressor combines a compact, modular design, quieter operation and reduced maintenance.

Compared to a standard 75 kW compressor delivering the same output, the new L80 can save more electrical energy in one month than it takes to run the average household for a year.

The design incorporates an IP55-protected motor and a high-output compression element with slower rotational speeds, delivering best-in-class output for minimum energy input. In addition, optimum energy efficiency helps businesses meet their environmental commitment obligations by minimizing carbon emissions

Cost efficient, safe and reliable operation that offers flexibility
  • Integrated electronic controller with easy-to-use operator menus
  • Monitor performance locally or remotely, 24 hours a day and rectify faults quickly to reduce running costs
  • Quieter operation, with noise levels below the industry standard at only 69 dBa, means the compressor can be sited at point-of-use, for reduced installation costs and improved health and safety
  • Provides superior reliability and performance with reduced downtime through the use of an innovative air end design with integrated components
  • A fail-safe shaft seal, integrated oil filter and oil regulation valve minimise the external hoses that are easily damaged for improved reliability
  • Simple and low maintenance, with removable doors for fast access to parts and controls to minimise disruption and service time
Typical applications for L80 oil-injected screw compressor
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Steel Production
  • Car manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Power Stations
  • Marine
  • Military
  • Oil and Gas

The latest design allows for the factory fitting of an integral refrigeration dryer, which can also be retrofitted at a later date on site, helping to reduce the compressor’s footprint size where space is at a premium.

Energy recovery units are also available as an option and allow operators to reclaim the heat generated by the compressor and use it to preheat water for a variety of industrial and commercial applications, helping to reduce energy costs even further.

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