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Syphon and plunger pumps from Comet Windmills Australia

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Comet Windmills Australia  offers high grade syphon pumps for pumping surface water to any elevation. The siphon pump has liberal water space around the barrel to reduce flow friction and to lengthen the period between primings. Recondition kits include plunger assembly, intermediate flange, barrel and bottom cap assembly. Syphon pumps are used for pumping from dams, earth tanks and creeks at suction elevations to 23 feet. The pumps can also be used for forcing water at high pressures.

Comet Windmills Australia offers draw plunger pumps with bronze ball or sleeve valves. Plunger pumps can be used for deep bores and high pressures. The plunger and bottom valve can be drawn up through the column for servicing. Comet Windmills Australia also offers screw caps which are used for pumping from bores or wells at elevations to 200 feet and are ideal for general applications.

In addition to offering Syphon and plunger pumps, Comet Windmills Australia also offers windmill towers, packing tubes, stock troughs, float valves, rod connections, gate valves, ball valves, check valves, camlocks, leather and Neoprene pump buckets.

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