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Combined Instrument Systems manufacture the Emflux I300 Flowmeter Transmitter, Emflux 2020 Electromagnetic Flow Detector, Emflux 2060 Electromagnetic Flow Detector, Emflux "Irriflow" Irrigation Flowmeter, Emflux M300 Flowmeter Transmitter.

Emflux I300 Flowmeter Transmitter

  • These solar powered battery- backed transmitters are designed to be used with flow detectors and display outputs of flow measurements.
  •  Suitable for accurate measurements of flow of any conductive fluid, applications include irrigation for farming, mining, remote water supplies, discharge and water bore flow monitoring.

Emflux 2020 Electromagnetic Flow Detector

  • For use with M300 or I399 flow transmitter.
  • Ideal for accurate measuring of flow rates of conductive process liquids, water, waste water and selected chemical applications.
  • Used for irrigation flow measurements, water production and distribution and effluent discharge.

Emflux 2060 Electromagnetic Flow Detector

  • This flow detector is strong, durable, made of steel and available with a choice of chemical or abrasive resistant liners.
  • Ideal for water production and distribution, waste water monitoring and treatment, irrigation flow measurement, mining slurries, effluent discharge and pulp and paper applications

Emflux "Irriflow" Irrigation Flowmeter

  • A high performance flowmeter for farm offtakes and apples a electromagnetic method of measurement.
  • This flowmeter is a replacement for existing Dethridge wheel units.

Emflux M300 Flowmeter Transmitter

  • Is an AC or DC powered transmitted that is used with flow detectors, the electromagnetic flowmeters accurately measure the flow of conductive fluids.
  • Used in water and waste treatment plants, mining and other similar industries.
Each instrument has different and unique features, benefits and applications. These intelligent flow meter transmitters and detectors are able to monitor waste water accurately and efficiently. Combined Instrument Systems information and contact details


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03/12/10 - Emflux 2060 Electromagnetic Flow Detectors from Combined Instrument Systems have a number of applications.
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02/12/10 - Emflux 2020 electromagnetic flow detectors from Combined Instruments Systems are intended for use with either M300 or I300 flow transmitters.
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01/12/10 - Emflux ‘Irriflow’ Irrigation Flowmeters are now available from Combined Instruments Systems.
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30/11/10 - Emflux M300 flowmeter transmitters from Combined Instruments Systems are ideally suited to water and waste water treatment plants, mining and general industry.

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