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Emflux ‘Irriflow’ Irrigation Flowmeters from Combined Instruments Systems

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article image Emflux ‘Irriflow’ Irrigation Flowmeters

Emflux ‘Irriflow’ Irrigation Flowmeters are now available from Combined Instrument Systems . They use the well proven electromagnetic method of measurement, which applies Faraday's Law as their principal of operation.

These Irrigation Flowmeters are specifically designed with the needs of open channel irrigation schemes in mind. For farm offtakes, these are reliable, high performance measurement devices.

Their electromagnetic method of measurement involves a straight through section of pipe. There are no obstructions to restrict flow and no moving parts. As such breakage and wear-and-tear are kept to a minimum.

Irriflow Irrigation Flowmeters:

  • Irriflow 450 has a 450mm internal diameter
  • Irriflow 600 has a 485mm internal diameter
  • Irriflow 12D can be viewed as a direct replacement for Dethridge wheel

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